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it's all another music



F.I.T.A. Financial Information Technology Applied

It's all another music


"Trading at a higher level"

Welcome to this page.

This access is dedicated to those who want to understand online trading as a job, as an asset and as a main source of income. It is dedicated to those who want to bring the knowledge, techniques and algorithms to a very high level to compete on equal terms on the main financial markets.

Operate "at very high probability", know how to recognize the direction of "strong hands", know where to intervene with both daily and position operations, these are just some of the aspects used to bring your level to ProTrader!

This area is NOT accessible to the curious but ONLY and exclusively to those really interested in making the definitive quality leap. I 'm offered to you a "custom-built" and like all supercars they have a considerable maintenance cost.

If you are willing to enter, another world awaits you.

SKELETHON is an operational plan that will start from 1 September 2019 to become fully operational and be completed starting from 1 January 2020.
There will be ONLY and exclusively 20 licenses available in the world. It is dedicated to those who want to operate on the main futures listed on the official market.

Skelethon is the step to bring your trading to compete with professionals. Nothing less.

Private Trading It's all another music!

To know in detail what is SKELETHON and to obtain the credentials of free access to the dedicated area fill out the registration form.

To apply the methodology correctly, you must have sufficient availability to manage up to 8 MiniDax / MiniFib contracts or up to 4 Dax / Fib /MiniNasdaq and so on. The management strategies and levels between Dax and MiniDax are different, they are NOT interchangeable. The same goes for FTSEmib (Fib) and FTSEmib mini (MiniFib).

TSI revolution

It is my Top Indicator, absolutely first-rate levels, of an almost infallible precision. THE BEST. The accuracy of its T1 on DWMY scales.

Knowing almost exactly where the strong hands are going, until the last contract, UNMISSABLE!

The most advanced trend indicator.

The first stop for more aggressive trading.






The complete package including the 4 Top Indicators.

A complete trading course is included and on each of them to apply the proposed correctly even for those who are completely fasting of any trading notion.


Access the skelethon world by booking a user account.
It's free!

You are given the opportunity to test for 30 days
PT SRT Full Frame.

This indicator is the "braked" version of the TSI revolution and is the only SKELETHON indicator that can be "tested with hand". There will be only 20 users activated. It works on MT4 so you can test it on a professional but FREE trading platform and you can simulate it on a DEMO ACCOUNT without risking anything.

Users still free: 20



Keep it simple
Keep it simple. My indicators do not escape this maxim even though they are very complex. The right compromise to compete in the Grand Prix of trading.

Email & alert

All the alarms necessary for a simple and functional operation and for not being forced to stand in front of a monitor for a long time.


Have high probability goals. Dote common to many of my algorithms. Know where you start from but also know where you can go.


Compilation with PT-Language encrypted language, 100% coding compatible with PowerLanguage of Muticharts and EasyLanguage of Tradestation.


Each indicator is custom built and customized to guarantee 100% origin identification. To protect the work of years of research and development.
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