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Skelethon Information

Registration form

ATTENTION: this registration form must be completed to access information on the Skelethon indicators. Registration is allowed only to "PRIVATE" and not to companies. Please note that the veracity of the data entered will be checked!

It is explicitly forbidden to companies, brokers, promoters and the like, linked directly or indirectly to the world of finance and not, both registration and access. PRIVATETRADING will implement any form to protect its work and its strategies. Where authorized, access, reading and use of what has been made available only for private purposes is permitted, and this registration has the value of "contract and commitment to NOT disclosure". All information contained herein is to be considered confidential and demonstrative and it is absolutely forbidden to disclose it in any way and in any form.

All fields marked with * are mandatory.

It is mandatory to read the rules regarding the  Disclaimer/Conditions and the Privacy rules.

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