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INFO Skelethon Project

With this project proposal we want to offer and give to you the possibility to access a "turnkey" trading system ready to be applied. It is the result of over 25 years of work experience in online trading applied to the real market and of real transactions, not in simulated, not in backtest on historical !!! but of real operations with real money and with real comparison with the various "actors" present on the market. That's why it works and it's the big difference between the systems born in backtest / historical archive and those born to compete in real time!
The system and the indicators function ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY on MULTICHARTS.

It doesn't matter if you want to do position or short or high frequency trading, Skelethon is the answer.

The Top Indicators will be accessed and "physically" on your computer:
TSI Revolution, Flexor, Hands On.

TSI revolution is an indicator that signals T1 targets and market reverse points. Its signals have an average precision between 80 and 90% with accuracy even up to 97.8% and in any case never below 72%.

Flexor is an indicator that signals the direction of short with an efficiency simply "to scream".

Hands On, the mega indicator on volumes. This indicator simply makes "junk" any commonly known indicator operating on volumes. Want to know how "the hands" are moving? Hands On is the only real answer. Nothing less. Its accuracy has a margin of error of around 25 contracts. Simply unmissable. Simply SAY what they are doing.

Skelethon is NOT for everyone, it will be limited to a maximum of 20 users. Not one more.
Skelethon is an excellence and remains so and wants to stay. Skelethon is simply a "custom-built".

To access Skelethon there will be an entry fee and a monthly "rental" fee.
With this proposal we turn to potential users who want to make online trading a profession, a job, maybe even as a single job. If you want more information fill out the contact form and you will be given all the details, all the information useful for evaluating the proposal. In Private Trading, confidentiality and "non-disclosure" of the information that will be given are given great importance. You won't find anything around it, much less we want to be social and share beyond a certain limit.

If you think you have the qualities and skills to take this step you are about to enter another world simply because

PRIVATE TRADING รจ tutta un'altra musica
PRIVATE TRADING is completely different music!

Given the high engineering and uniqueness of the algorithms for further information, registration with an attached personal identification check is mandatory.
If you are interested you can contact me by filling out the registration form click here.

For those who really want to make a difference!

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