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Nasdaq has reached unsustainable levels. or rather, at levels that are difficult to sustain. The climb of over a decade at a rate of 36% per year is simply unsustainable, drugged beyond belief! I am expecting a more or less violent correction, but above all, I think the race is over and the start of a few years of falls is over. ONLY the decisive violation of 10000 of EminiNasdaq and 3500 of S&P 500 from further push to the bullish movement but all this will only happen by further doping the market. So the hypothesis and the predictions are for a correction and possible inversion of the "SDT" or the structure of the trend. As you can see from the photo below there are two involutes that outline very well what the market trend has been. By now according to the algorithm we are close to a correction. Being a graph on a monthly scale, therefore updated slowly, the peak that will trigger the correction / reversal is expected in the next few months. As said ONLY above the values ​​given, the bullish operations take further strength, otherwise for me it is only short and the bullish period is over. Moreover, a further rise would lead to what in technical jargon is called "double maximum" which is a strong sales signal. The situation will be monitored.

this is my market analysis derived from my proprietary algorithms.

Financial advice is NOT intended and is not intended to be financial advice. Those who operate on these lines do so by taking 100% operational risk.
The correct text is to be understood as written in Italian. What reported is inferred with "google translator" so there may be translation errors.

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Private Trading Skelethon

You will be given the opportunity to enter and access the indicators of one of the most powerful and efficient trading systems.
All "turnkey".
If you want to make a difference and measure yourself if you really have the qualities to be a TRADER.
You are allowed to use an F.1 of trading, nothing less.

Get ready.

September 2019 accessions
01 October 2019 - 31 December 2019 --- 3 months to make the leap in quality

01 - 01 - 2020 the beginning of your jump in the PRO world,
nothing less.

For more info, click here



For the first time I release one of my indicators
to be tested and evaluated.
You have the option to evaluate PT SRT for over a month. But don't go blind, in the reserved area you'll find all the details to apply it correctly. With my video tutorials you have the possibility to set and use the indicator according to the strategies already planned.
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All the same, fundamentally different!

Trading is very easy, being profitable is already a little more difficult, making money in the long run is even more difficult!

To compete in the trading arena and manage my positions I have developed very sophisticated algorithms and trading methods as well as a presence and experience now approaching a quarter of a century. Now I make my know-how available to a limited audience. It's a project I've been working on for a while now and it's about to become reality.


With ScannerPT I select the securities that will make up the trading portfolio. A database of over 6000 tools that is analyzed and evaluated every day to verify opportunities for short, medium and long term operations.
Minimize risks.

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I make some of my exclusive indicators available through proposals. Very sophisticated algorithms to work in trend and / or counter trend. Indicators in different versions, from basic to full optional, to satisfy the demanding trader. To each his own.
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I make MY KNOW HOW available through courses to interested users. Basic and advanced trading course, to get off to a good start right away. For those who also aspire to translate their ideas into algorithms with programming in PowerLanguage for Multicharts / Tradestation platform, basic and advanced, creating indicators and trading systems with open code and very sophisticated. Unmissable.
If you are interested in more information, contact me.
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