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My Recording Studios, Mixing & Mastering, Producer & Music Creation
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Disclaimer & Copyright

Good morning,
everything that has been included and considered in this test is ONLY AND EXCLUSIVELY to facilitate better identifying the various daw, tools, plugins used. None of the companies mentioned is in any way linked to the test. All the tests are conducted in complete autonomy of judgment and management.
All rights and related trademarks are the property of the respective daw producing companies used in the test.
The use of the song Secret Side of Days of Samara has been legally authorized. However, we inform you that all the mixes are NOT representative of the Band. The Band is not involved in what was done in the test and is not involved in the tests.
Everything is free and there is no remuneration for the work done for this test and no revenue is realized from this work.
It is not intended to violate any copryright.
If the companies in question think there is any copyright infringement, please report it by sending an email to info@music64.net or using the contact form  in the menù of site indicating where the violation resides, which will be removed.
With the test we DO NOT want to discredit anyone. The only intent is to understand if there are differences between daw, the positive points and eventually if there are aspects that can be improved. We want to evaluate with a comparison between daw what can be obtained starting from the package considered for the test and that all have unique and logical operational characteristics sometimes quite different and that in any case they are professional and highly competitive products.
Thank you all.
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